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Fertilizers | Ammonium phosphate (Ammophos) (N:P=12:52)

GOST/TC TC 2186-670-00209438-01
PRODUCER "Voskresensk mineral fertilizers" JSC

Ammophos (N:P=12:52) — is granulated universal highly concentrated nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer. Nitrogen and Phosphorus ratio 12−52 provides effective usage of ammophos phosphorus poor soils and as a main fall fertilizer for the main winter cereals. High content of Phosphorus provides the increase the resistance of plants to unfavorable environmental factors (drought and frost), and increase plant resistance to the diseases, promotes the accumulation of sugars in the roots and fruits.


Ammophos is applied in all kind of soils for all types of crops as a basic fertilizer in cultivation of winter cereals and root crops and for an extra feeding in the spring and summer in order to accelerate the ripening of fruit and.



Main specifications

Top grade


Granulated product of white-gray color

Mass fraction of total phosphates (Р2О5), %, not less

52 ±1

Mass fraction of total Nitrogen (N), %, not less

12 ±1

Mass fraction of water, %, not more


Granulometric composition


Mass fraction of granules of size under 1 mm, %, not more


Mass fraction of granules of size 2 - 5 mm, %, not less


Mass fraction of granules less 6 mm, %


Statistic strength of granules MPa, not less


Friability, %





STORAGE Package and transportation: ammophos is dispatched in bulk. Transportation is executed is executed in specialized rail cars (in bulk) or on EXW terms. Should be stored in a dry isolated storage area.
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